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The practice and implementation of HR functions is a contemporary issue in RMG (Ready Made Garments) industry in Bangladesh.

RMG is the leading industrial sector in Bangladesh. With sales abroad estimated at 4.3 billion dollars a year, of which 44% exported to the United States alone, it represents 76% of Bangladesh’s exports. The sector employs approximately 1.5 million workers, mostly young women from underprivileged social classes. Many have left rural areas to come work in the textile factories of Dhaka and Chittagong, akin to the “American dream” of poor villagers. The clothing sector is the driving force of this poor country’s economy, with export figures that have risen spectacularly in the last decade as shown by the following table (data provided by BGMEA):

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Human resources (HR) is the division of Max Mind that is charged with finding, screening, recruiting, and training job applicants, as well as administering employee-benefit programs

Bangladesh is world’s no. 02 largest garments exporting country. RMG sector emerged as the biggest earner of foreign currency. The sector contributes 85% of the GDP. It also provides employment to around 4.5 million which contribute not only the change of the economy but it has a significant impact on changes of life style of the people specially woman. The total earnings from this sector is already crossed 24 billion. And it has projected to achieve 50 billion by 2020. This we all know. RMG are the main fuel of our country’s economy.

  • Managing and using people effectively
  • Tying performance appraisal and compensation to competencies
  • Developing competencies that enhance individual and organizational performance
  • Increasing the innovation, creativity, and flexibility necessary to enhance competitiveness