What we do best


Our apparel merchandising objective is to achieve maximum quality of products. Thus, our merchandising team always focuses on the quality trims and accessories. Our merchandising department consists a highly qualified team of merchandisers whose prime aim is to provide full satisfaction to our customer starting from the fabric procurement stage to shipment and reporting the status of the order to the buyers regularly.

Fair Pricing Regime

It is also important to keep the costing as reasonable as possible. We believe comparison is the only one way to ensure quality and reasonable price. Therefore, we have listed approx 50% of top-level suppliers in Bangladesh and China and our merchandising team used modern technology software for procurement and purchasing. With this software, they can invite our supplier to submit their costing and offers for a particular part of product then our merchandisers make a comparison to cho ice the best quality and costing.

Good merchandising is the key to successful execution of a customer’s request. Each customer is allocated to a business team which is responsible for making sure that the customer’s requirements are properly understood and executed in close coordination with the factories. This business team is the main contact point of the customer, and the key members of this team often travel to the customer to improve their understanding of the customer’s needs and the market.

The services our merchandising team provide to our clients are:
» Systematic follow-up on each stage of production and execution of order on time.
» Monitoring new trends in fabric, fashion and design.
» Locating new reliable sources to meet the requirements of the customer with regard to fashion and design.
» Introducing new samples to buyers to enable them to expand their business.
» Educating the customer about the characteristics and variety of fabrics, dyes, dyeing and the printing process, and their positive and negative points and cautioning the buyers about the pitfalls involved.
» Liaison between the customer and our factories and follow-up.
» Guiding the supplier in preparation of the range to meet the customer’s requirements with regard to fashion and design and negotiation 

 » To ensure that all buyers are kept updated with the exact status every day.

Meet Professional Merchandisers

Our merchandisers are all experienced professionals, most of them having specific factory experience which enables them to understand the requirements of the customers, as well as the capabilities and limitations of the factories. The business team is expected to contribute to the customer, not only in terms of communication and follow-up, but also in terms of making a better product which sells well at the point of sale.