Quality Assurance

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Logistics and Exports

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Garments merchandising

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Garment Inspection Secures Quality

The process of delivering quality finishes is a complex process indeed. Hence, we break this down into “prevention” and ‘control’.

The process of delivering a quality product to our customers is divided into two key areas, namely ‘Prevention’ and ‘Control’.

The prevention part is taken care of by our Quality Assurance (QA) team which, under guidance from customers, sets the standards for quality and oversees all elements of pre-production work such as the fitting and styling details. The prevention part is also strengthened by in-house testing labs which make sure that the required testing procedures are undertaken before the production process starts.

The control part is taken care of by our Quality Control (QC) team, which ensures that the product standards set up by the customers in coordination with our QA team are implemented throughout the production process, and that the final product is as per our customer’s specifications.

Sewing Section:

      • Inline inspection (by QI, QC)
      • Roaming inspection (by QI, QC)
      • Traffic light inspection (by QI, QC)
      • End of line inspection (by QI, QC)
      • Audit of the checked pieces (by FGL QM, QC)

Finishing Section:

      • Initial finishing inspection (by QI)
      • Final finishing Inspection (by QI, QC)
      • Internal final audit (by factory QM, QC and Management)
      • Final audit (by FGL QM, QC and Management)
  • FACTORY COMPLIANCE :We grade our suppliers on our order management system and go through our robust Factory Compliance process. We are members of BSCI & Sedex and signatories to the UN Global Compact Initiative.
  • BRANDING COMPLIANCE :We always provide a proof for approval by the relevant client contact person before we proceed with production. We will not proceed with production without a client approved proof.
  • PRODUCT COMPLIANCE :We focus on the product compliance. The product compliance testing varies according to the exact item in question, its intended use and the country where the items will be delivered and used.
  • QUALITY INSPECTION : After manufacture but before dispatch from the factory, we carry out a detailed quality inspection to  all but the smallest of orders. If a problem is discovered, we carry out a full inspection of the consignment to repair or re-make
  • QUALITY CHECK :We do in house quality inspection before they are dispatched to the client. and transport costs.
  • QUALITY ISSUES :Issues or problems are logged immediately. The subsequent process varies according to the seriousness. They will be repaired or replaced depending on client’s requirements and the extent of the problem.