Sourcing from Bangladesh Hongkong Chaina

We have one of the growing and renowned sourcing office in Dhaka, Bangladesh for apparel business. We have a very skill, dedicated and highly qualified team in line of merchandising, production management, quality control,  compliance, shipping and foreign trade banking to ensure smooth supply  through delivery of quality garments.

  • Excellent customer service.
  • Good team work with positive attitude.
  • Offering outstanding quality accessories.
  • Faster delivery.
  • Effective and professional service.
  • To deal fairly, openly and honestly with all employees, customers and suppliers.
  • To always obtain the best value from the resources available.
  • To avoid any dislocation and misunderstanding between inter department of factory and office.
  • To maintain good healthy and harmonious inter personal relationship inside the organization.
  • Maintain good Working Environment for better productivity.
  • To maintain the proper buffer in Time and action calendar is the responsibility of merchandiser.

Sourcing from Bangladesh Hongkong Chaina

Supplier Identification: Max Mind always identifies new suppliers world-wide based on their product range, financial status, infrastructure, and environmental control, adherence to labor laws, manpower and efficiency of management , Information & Technological support.  Max Mind Sourcing continuously update information on new manufactures and new products. Information pertaining to new varieties of fabric, accessories, and new technology and quota availability are also updated.

Factory Evaluation: We take extra steps to source the most appropriate vendor for our customers. Before selection we thoroughly evaluate the Factory on the basis of the following:

» Factory design
» Financial performance
» Factory equipment & machinery
» Factory productivity
» Quota export performance
» Prevalent working procedures
» Factory past performance
» Technical competency
» Factory personnel competency
» Factory reputation
» Level of professionalism.